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Sports Grass Technology

Artificial grass is not the same as what we think of as traditional synthetic turf. The most impressive difference is very obvious if you see the two side by side. Rather than a dense and scratchy mat, the artificial grass fiber’s surface is soft and silky. Players can slide or tackle without fear of abrasions.

Unlike traditional turf, it does not rely on an underlying shock pad for safety, resilience and player comfort. Instead, the grass fibers are supported and stabilized by a special blend of synthetic earth also designed for that aim.

There has been a lot of new design of artificial materials by some companies as an engineered system. A completely supported system is in place to produce and instal a new range of synthetic grass systems. In order to obtain complete high level quality control, considerable investment by manufacturers in modernizing its plants with the latest technologies, top manufacturing talent and specialized installation equipment for to make it easy for install teams to use.

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Polyethylene Used To Make Synthetic Grass

It’s nice to see that there is an increasing number of artificial grass manufacturers entering the marketplace with synthetic grass products that are comprised of 100% polyethylene fibers. When used in union with non-rubber infill products such as a thermoplastic product the health concerns are more or less completely answered. The only doubt that actually remains is how these products will operate in the years to come because they are so new, we don’t know for sure how they will last.

It is rewarding to see the steady push to find improved products to solve the concerns that have been raised about synthetic grass. Not only do polyethylene fibers counter the health concerns but the material is also more useful environmentally since possible bacteria growth isn’t promoted because the water drains away just like real grass.

It is also good to know for this new generation artificial grass product it is made out of wholly recyclable materials an additional bonus over nylon fibers. Hopefully this new technology in the synthetic grass industry will help the popularity of a product that brings many advantages. It is to be expected that more clients will be inclined to buy synthetic grass based on these facts.

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