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Synthetic Playgrounds Reviewed

The EPA have once again taken a look at the use of crumb rubber in the construction of playground synthetic surfaces in terms of their safety. Although the rubber surface meets the safety standards for cushioning falls, it is the propsect of the crumb rubber releasing harmful chemicals and fumes that is the worry.

Concerns exist that children may be exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals like lead, benzene, zinc and particulate matter from the recycled tire surfaces.

It highlights once again that synthetic grass costs are more than simply a monetary issue. The cost is also weighed upon the health risks and safety of those who come in contact with it.

This particular investigation was initiated back in January 2008 and the results are expected to be released shortly. Up until now the EPA has remained neutral on the question of how safe crumb rubber is because it didn’t have enough scientific data on the subject. The results of this investigation will hopefully solve this.

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