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There’s Nothing Wrong With Fake Grass

Every day it seems that someone else is bringing up reasons to doubt the validity for using synthetic grass in place of natural grass. Often you see the derogatory term fake grass used to describe the synthetic alternative as if that is reason enough to denigrate its use.

But the truth is that the lawn that sits in our front and back yards is no more natural than any of the new synthetic replacements. To believe otherwise is sticking your head in the sand in the worst possible way. When I head out into the bush or take a walk through the countryside, at no point do I find a naturally formed lawn that is manicured to an even 2 inches high. That sort of phenomenon is a man-made creation that has been placed around our houses to provide us with a nice “meadow” to look upon.

Sure, meadows appear in nature, but they are far more wild and unruly than any homeowner is going to allow. All of that mowing and edging and fertilizing and watering that gets done to the average front lawn makes it just as synthetic as the grass that is manufactured as synthetic grass.

People are happy enough to live inside a man made structure, something that has been constructed from bricks, tiles, glass, wood, plastic and cement. But then they loudly complain that we are destroying the environment by putting synthetic grass down on the ground as well. What utter hypocrites!

If only people understand that, if anything, synthetic grass is better for the environment than the manufactured lawns they have traditionally used. New types of synthetic grass provide ample drainage, is breathable thanks to the mesh bases and saves water. They don’t overheat and they are no longer made using lead.

Time for the detractors to move on, get a life and take a good hard look at themselves and the ulterior motives they are bleating to cover up.

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