Putting Green Types For Putting and Chipping

When you go looking for an artificial putting green for installation into your backyard or as a commercial undertaking you will quickly understand that there will be a choice of materials it can be made with. These materials will give you a vastly different type of putting surface and costs will be affected as a result.

The two types of materials that most artificial putting greens are made from are nylon and polypropylene. In broad terms nylon is the better material, providing you with a surface that most closely matches a real grass surface. But the differences come down to the way in which the grass performs in different situations and this will have a bearing on what type you buy.

Anyone who is going to be using their backyard putting green for the purposes of only putting, in other words they don’t expect to be chipping to the green, a surface made from nylon fibers will be most appropriate. The fibers will act in much the same way as grass and the pace of the green will be match the same. Apart from trying to speed the green up, a nylon artificial green will not necessarily require infill.

If you are planning on using your backyard green to concentrate largely on chipping from medium to longer distances you will be better served with a polypropylene green. This type of surface will require infill and that will give it a greater capacity for receiving a ball that has been chipped from a distance of around 20 yards and beyond.

In some cases the type of material you use might come down to a matter of cost. Nylon is more expensive and may put the project out of reach. In both cases you will have a putting green at your disposal that will provide you with a realistic practice surface.

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