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Artificial Grass Is Not All Weather

I think most of us have always assumed that artificial grass pitches are the equivalent of ‘all weather’ pitches and soccer can be played on them no matter how difficult the conditions may be on natural grass. However it has been proven that there are some conditions in which the synthetic surface will not stand up to play and could even be more dangerous.

Admittedly the conditions are extreme but it is still something that should be taken into consideration when making the decision to convert from natural grass to artificial grass. The conditions in question involve snow. A third division soccer match in England due to be played on an artificial pitch was recently called off due to snow. A pitch inspection before the game was due to begin revealed that the footing was extremely slippery and it would be too dangerous to allow the match to go ahead.

We have long been told that synthetic grass surfaces will stand up to most weather conditions and would enable play when other matches have been called off. This is true in the majority of cases but when heavy snow is involved the artificial grass becomes like an ice-skating rink.

The conclusion is that you are not going to be able to ensure play 100% of the time no matter what type of surface you are playing on. That being said, artificial grass will allow you play to be held in the majority of cases.

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Synthetic Playgrounds Reviewed

The EPA have once again taken a look at the use of crumb rubber in the construction of playground synthetic surfaces in terms of their safety. Although the rubber surface meets the safety standards for cushioning falls, it is the propsect of the crumb rubber releasing harmful chemicals and fumes that is the worry.

Concerns exist that children may be exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals like lead, benzene, zinc and particulate matter from the recycled tire surfaces.

It highlights once again that synthetic grass costs are more than simply a monetary issue. The cost is also weighed upon the health risks and safety of those who come in contact with it.

This particular investigation was initiated back in January 2008 and the results are expected to be released shortly. Up until now the EPA has remained neutral on the question of how safe crumb rubber is because it didn’t have enough scientific data on the subject. The results of this investigation will hopefully solve this.

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