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Artificial Grass Is Not All Weather

I think most of us have always assumed that artificial grass pitches are the equivalent of ‘all weather’ pitches and soccer can be played on them no matter how difficult the conditions may be on natural grass. However it has been proven that there are some conditions in which the synthetic surface will not stand up to play and could even be more dangerous.

Admittedly the conditions are extreme but it is still something that should be taken into consideration when making the decision to convert from natural grass to artificial grass. The conditions in question involve snow. A third division soccer match in England due to be played on an artificial pitch was recently called off due to snow. A pitch inspection before the game was due to begin revealed that the footing was extremely slippery and it would be too dangerous to allow the match to go ahead.

We have long been told that synthetic grass surfaces will stand up to most weather conditions and would enable play when other matches have been called off. This is true in the majority of cases but when heavy snow is involved the artificial grass becomes like an ice-skating rink.

The conclusion is that you are not going to be able to ensure play 100% of the time no matter what type of surface you are playing on. That being said, artificial grass will allow you play to be held in the majority of cases.

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Time

Although some people are after the sight of having a pristine front lawn in their yard, it’s usually not the deciding factor behind why they will go ahead and spend the money to have it done. Sure, it’s one of the nice bonuses that you get, but there are so many other factors that will come into it that you’d be more likely to use that as your motivation instead.

When there are water conservation factors involved there is a reasonable incentive to replace the plants that are lapping up every last drop you can feed them. Grass is a thirsty plant and when you feed it and fertilize it, in return you get to drag out the lawnmower and cut it back into a semblance of neatness. Then you’ve got to get out the clippers and do the edges and when you’ve done all that you only have to wait a few days before it’s beginning to look as though you’ve got to do it all over again.

At least with synthetic grass you save yourself the most valuable of commodities. It’s something that you never get back no matter how hard you work and that’s time. By installing synthetic grass in the front or backyard you are ensuring that you don’t have to waste valuable time on the weekend doing the chores that really gets you nowhere in the end.

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Synthetic Grass A Perfect Ground Cover

Although it has its share of opponents, synthetic grass sometimes makes sense as a means of providing an outdoor lawn surface. Apart from the fact that synthetic grass gives you the pleasing look of a lush green lawn, it also makes sense in parts of the world where water is scarce or where water restrictions have been put in place.

In dry areas the normal scene is an endless row of dustbowl yards that simply looks parched and sad. By replacing the hard-packed dirt with an artificial alternative other than concrete, the feeling is that the yard is nicely grassed. There are other advantages that have been mentioned numerous times such as the reduction in maintenance requirements and the environmental factors such as not having to run the lawnmower.

But benefits such as the luxurious feel of the lawn and the safety factors should not be discounted. Try walking on synthetic grass with no shoes on, it just feels soft and comfortable. The nature of the artificial surface is generally softer and more bouncy than grass and so, when young children play on it, it will cushion the impact of any unexpected falls.

In short, if people are comfortable with paving, concreting or tiling in their front or back yards, then there should be no hesitation to use a product such as synthetic grass instead.

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Fake Grass

Every day it seems that someone else is bringing up reasons to doubt the validity for using synthetic grass in place of natural grass. Often you see the derogatory term fake grass used to describe the synthetic alternative as if that is reason enough to denigrate its use.

But the truth is that the lawn that sits in our front and back yards is no more natural than any of the new synthetic replacements. To believe otherwise is sticking your head in the sand in the worst possible way. When I head out into the bush or take a walk through the countryside, at no point do I find a naturally formed lawn that is manicured to an even 2 inches high. That sort of phenomenon is a man-made creation that has been placed around our houses to provide us with a nice “meadow” to look upon.

Sure, meadows appear in nature, but they are far more wild and unruly than any homeowner is going to allow. All of that mowing and edging and fertilizing and watering that gets done to the average front lawn makes it just as synthetic as the grass that is manufactured as synthetic grass.

People are happy enough to live inside a man made structure, something that has been constructed from bricks, tiles, glass, wood, plastic and cement. But then they loudly complain that we are destroying the environment by putting synthetic grass down on the ground as well. What utter hypocrites!

If only people understand that, if anything, synthetic grass is better for the environment than the manufactured lawns they have traditionally used. New types of synthetic grass provide ample drainage, is breathable thanks to the mesh bases and saves water. They don’t overheat and they are no longer made using lead.

Time for the detractors to move on, get a life and take a good hard look at themselves and the ulterior motives they are bleating to cover up.

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