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Playing On Firm Footing

We all want to play on playing fields where we can be assured of smooth and even footing. The professionals get to play on the best surfaces and we’re the ones who have to pay to watch. We also have to pay to compete in football and baseball tournaments and we still have to pay. Not only that but the playing surface is invariably far below standard. Not so if we get to use artificial grass playing fields.

The rise in the number of artificial turf playing fields has been the answer to a lot of sports lovers’ prayers. Finally we get the chance to play on a surface that gives us the ultimate in assured footing. There are still some criticisms and warnings against using the synthetic version most of which have largely been rectified or which are grossly misrepresented in the first place.

The problem of excessive heat emanating from synthetic grass fields still poses a problem for the artificial turf industry. Studies into heat radiation have found that the temperature above artificial turf fields measured at 140 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is what the experts refer to as heat islands and show up as beacons when heat imaging is used.

What isn’t mentioned is how high above the surface of the artificial turf this temperature was recorded. There have been a lot of people using the synthetic turf surface and very few have ever complained about the excessive heat. What happens is the heat quickly dissipates as it rises away from the grass.

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Sports Grass Technology

Artificial grass is not the same as what we think of as traditional synthetic turf. The most impressive difference is very obvious if you see the two side by side. Rather than a dense and scratchy mat, the artificial grass fiber’s surface is soft and silky. Players can slide or tackle without fear of abrasions.

Unlike traditional turf, it does not rely on an underlying shock pad for safety, resilience and player comfort. Instead, the grass fibers are supported and stabilized by a special blend of synthetic earth also designed for that aim.

There has been a lot of new design of artificial materials by some companies as an engineered system. A completely supported system is in place to produce and instal a new range of synthetic grass systems. In order to obtain complete high level quality control, considerable investment by manufacturers in modernizing its plants with the latest technologies, top manufacturing talent and specialized installation equipment for to make it easy for install teams to use.

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